ROAD TRIP 6/11-14

So I got a ticket long long ago in San Louis Obispo (the cops there are incredibly crazy there). So anyway, it lead me to court- but that’s a diff story. Because of all this fun chaos my friend and I came up with the idea of making it a fun 3 night road trip. It was a really great time. Here’s some photos:

First lunch was in Santa Barbara:

We also headed to Stearns Wharf and I found this pretty bracelet in the water:

When we headed out of the city, we went to Mission Santa Barbara and looked at all the concrete painting.We went to get dinner at Whole Foods and saw a car with a bunch of writing on it.

If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is

Later that day we went to a dog beach and look at how cute this little guy is:

The next morning:

SloDoCo Donuts

We headed to Montaña de Oro State ParkLater that day we headed to The Madonna Inn

Food was okay but the dinning area was beautiful

We rested and got some Aloe Vera Gel on our bodies and bought some aloe juice to drink! I use it regularly as it’s good for your health!When we were resting these two boys were walking around the street with music and a sign:

Then we went thrift and I mean actual thrifting (like a GOODWILL)

We later headed to another Park

Little Skunks doing some searching on the beach

There was also a little skunk trail

To end the trip we watched the beautiful sun set.

And the rest is history


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