AXO- My 1st Retreat

Hello people who are reading!

So it’s currently 3 am & I am currently laying on hard wood floor. It’s all good because most of my other AXO sisters also have to sleep on the floor #bonding.

I cannot sleep at all so I thought I would share a little bit about the sorority experience so far.

Here’s a little run down of the situation! I wanted to join a sorority in the beginning of the school year but as time passed & from the opinions of others.. joining a sorority sounded like a no go. Not only that but the weekend of the rush event, I couldn’t go because of family issues:(. Luckily, our amazing AXO president messaged me on Instagram & that’s where the sisterhood all began.

I ended up having an interview & getting a call later with the good news! The first meeting I went to I will admit was a bit scary because of how much information there was. Luckily I solved that issue real quick & now use my iPhone as a calendar.

Anyway… let’s get to the fun stuff.. the retreat that I’m currently at right now! So freakin fun! We are staying at a beautiful beach house right by the water.

Here’s the view (clearly the weather was NOT in our favor today).

Basically we just had one giant slumber party, oh & we ate COSTCO pizza.

Okay so ya I’m having a fun time but I want y’all to know I got really lucky. If it wasn’t for that dm, I would have not been here enjoying a great experience. I would probably be in bed sleeping, but its funny cuz I’d rather be up right now on this hard floor. So with that being said here are a few lessons learned

– Just because people have an opinion on something doesn’t mean you should change yours! A lot of my friends bugged me about how awful it would be if I joined & so far they are wrong!

– Also, a senior on a retreat was sharing her experience and something she said really spoke to me. Have confidence in yourself because what you put out to the world is a reflection of who you are and it will attract those who are just like you!

– Lastly, eat more Costco pizza (that shit is bomb)!

Goodnight readers ❤️

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