The best thing ever is stumbling upon a place you know you are going to be visiting a lot, and that’s exactly what happened today. Let me just share the story:

Ginnie, our friend Alyssa, and I decided to head to a little beach to soak up some rays before going to class.

It was such a beautiful little spot, and we ended up meeting some local girls there and kicked it with them for a bit. They were so friendly and nice, but their stories about the city of San Marcos were scary AF!

After the beach, we were craving smoothies (trying to stay healthy since last-night we ate junk, check out my blog about it!) and went to a local smoothie place in Carlsbad. On the way back to the freeway, we spotted a bunch of books outside a shop and had to pull over… it was the best choice I had ever made.

We walked into what seemed like a different world. There were books everywhere, a little coffee bar, a outside patio with games, a piano, art, and a big projector screen.

We met two guys, one that worked there and his friend. His friend was a gardener and had homegrown peppers for us to try.

We also shared an espresso which was pretty good.

It was such a cool experience and I can’t wait to hangout there again !

Here is the address if you are ever looking for places to check out in Carlsbad:

Lhoq- 1/2, 755 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Until next time!

– Bay

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