Bay’s Morning Routine

I always wake up between 8-8:30 am to work on homework.

Instead of having to look through each individual syllabus for my homework, I created a schedule where all my homework assignments and due dates are in one document. I highly recommend it, it is so helpful for staying on track!

After doing homework, I make myself breakfast. Sometimes if I have a lot of homework I’ll get ready first then I’ll eat, but this morning I had enough time to make avocado toast with salt and pepper!

Then I wash my face, brush my teeth, and get ready for the day.

Today I used the deep pore cleanser and a rose water mist for my face. I only use lotion either at night or when I know I’m going to wear heavy makeup!

Starting from left to right: I used eyebrow gel, 2 concealers (one for under eyes and one for blemishes), a powder, blush, and mascara.

For the eyeshadow, I just put a little bit of “funny girl” by Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette on both lids.

Then, I curled my hair which takes about 15 minutes.

Check out this outfit and many other outfits in an upcoming Style Haul!
For my outfit this morning, I wore patterned blue pants and sandals from thrift stores and an off-the-shoulder shirt from Brandy Melville.

If I have time I will make my bed after getting ready, but sometimes I’m in such a rush I leave it for later.

I leave my apartment around 10 am and it takes about a 20-minute walk to get to class!

This was my morning routine for today, I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned for a Style Haul and Room Tour!

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